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Governance, Risk & Control

How confident are you that your risk management line of defence will protect your organisation from external (or internal) scrutiny?

The control and management of risk is influenced by many and varied forces – including external regulators, your board, the shareholders, your workforce and all other stakeholders. Regulatory and industry knowledge, and technological and automation know-how must always be accompanied by the ability to ensure widespread buy-in and strict governance to ensure that your organisation minimises its regulatory compliance and security risks.

Consulting Professionals provides client organisations with the consulting and technology to achieve these goals. As your business, and the regulations it is governed by, evolve, it is vital to have a scalable solution that conforms to industry-leading standards. Often this involves the introduction of technologies to assist in the automation of tasks, and carefully monitored processes and reporting schedules so that issues are identified rapidly and questions asked can be answered with the help of a robust audit trail. All of which Consulting Professionals can assist with.

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