Lands End to John O’Groats in partnership with eCubed to raise money for Solace Women’s Aid

26 Nov 2020


Consulting Professionals and Alexander Ash are proud to announce our partnership with eCubed as a beneficiary of Solace Women’s Aid a local London based charity and will be taking part in the Length of Britain challenge to raise funds on behalf of the charity.

“eCubed are delighted to announce a partnership with Alexander Ash and Consulting Professionals in support of Solace Women’s Aid. We look forward to building a strong, extensive and collaborative relationship across our organisations as we fight to put an end to violence against women and children.  Together, we are committed to Engage, Empower and End Violence“ - Judy Kawaguchi, Founder

“Alexander Ash and Consulting Professionals are proud to be in alliance with eCubed in support of Solace Women's Aid. In a modern world where our very focus is on striving for a more diverse and inclusive society, it is very difficult to comprehend that on a daily basis women and children are still subject to mental and physical abuse. Although as an organisation we endeavour to show our support on all matters from Climate Change, Diversity & Inclusion and ESG, once I was presented with the work that eCubed and Solace Women’s Aid do, I knew then and there that these were the organisations that needed our support.” – Ash Bhopal, CEO Alexander Ash & Consulting Professionals

#MakeItStop: Solace launches new Christmas campaign to raise funds for domestic abuse survivors to access specialist therapy and trauma services as increasing numbers of women seek help from our frontline services during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Solace Women’s Aid (Solace) launches its new #MakeItStop Christmas campaign, focused on the trauma and mental health impact of domestic abuse on the women and children we work with and for, in the run up to Christmas, a time when survivors often feel further isolated and in fear of what their future holds.

This Christmas, the feelings of isolation and trauma many survivors carry has increased because of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, leaving many women trapped in their homes with their abuser and at risk of further danger and harm.

The #MakeItStop campaign, created in conjunction with STACK, launches on the 25th November with an emotive 60 second film showing a traditional family Christmas scene, with a tree in the living room, stockings hanging on the fireplace and a Christmas jingle playing in the background.

Except, it soon becomes apparent that this living room and home is not a happy or safe place for a woman and her child because both are experiencing domestic abuse.

The Christmas jingle plays on the loop, becoming more and more infuriating and leaving the viewer feeling a heightened sense of discomfort and awareness at the potential danger the woman and her child faces inside her home.

The scene reflects the reality many women and children face this Christmas, trapped at home with their abuser and reliving the trauma of abuse repeatedly, on the loop.

The viewer is eventually able to turn off the incessant Christmas jingle, however there is no off switch for abuse survivors – not without proper help.

“Trauma and the impact of domestic abuse on survivor’s mental health is all part and parcel of violence against women and girls and the long-term harm inflicted on survivors.

This is why, at Solace, alongside running refuge services and places of safety for women and children to flee domestic abuse and violence, Solace provides specialist therapy and counselling services to help survivors on their long term journey to healing and recovery.

This year, during the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, Solace has seen an increase in the volume of women seeking our help and we are also seeing an increase in women facing complex trauma and mental health issues because of the abuse and violence they’ve suffered,” says Fiona Dwyer, Solace CEO.

Solace’s therapeutic services include one to one counselling and group therapy, and specialist therapies that assist women on their journey to healing and recovery from domestic and sexual violence. Solace’s children’s and creative therapies are available for young people and children aged four and above.

The campaign calls for donations to help pay for these services, so that the Solace can do more to #MakeItStop.

The #MakeItStop campaign comes at a time when Solace’s services are in demand more than ever. Since the pandemic there has been a 100% increase in the number of survivors accessing the charity’s counselling, with a significant increase in high risk cases.

Further Solace statistics:

Solace Women’s Aid services has impacted 27,414 lives this year. The charity has:

  • Supported 16,087 adults and children
  • Worked with 11,327 people through prevention services
  • Provided therapeutic support to 2991 people
  • Provided 3825 hours of counselling
  • 95% of women felt an increase in their confidence, wellbeing and self-esteem after attending Solace’s holistic counselling groups

The Campaign

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